Why Choose Apex Trading?

Apex Trading creates across-the-board efficiencies for licensed wholesale cannabis cultivators, product manufacturers, distributors and retailers in all legal markets. Our cutting-edge software and easy-to-use tools are custom designed for our industry.

What’s more, by leveraging technology and refining processes, Apex Trading virtually eliminates traditional broker fees and product markups, ultimately lowering the cost of doing business for wholesale buyers and sellers alike.

Plus, you can manage on the go and streamline your workflow by accessing the Apex Trading app on your desktop, smartphone or tablet.


Finally, a one-stop marketplace where cannabis retailers and product manufacturers can come and shop thousands of offerings from all the best, licensed vendors. You’ll find flower, extracts, pre-rolls, trim, bulk oil, genetics and more, all just a click away. And, the data is right there, so you can make the best decision for your company.
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Let crafting your products be your primary focus and let Apex Trading do the heavy lifting of selling it. Tools such as the Apex Trading Open Marketplace, Apex Trading Custom Storefronts, and your Apex Trading Insights Dashboard expose your products to eager buyers, let you efficiently manage your buyers 1-to-1, and give you the info you need to ensure your business can experience healthy growth.
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